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    Im not sure if this goes here but oh well.
    So I'm trying to make my uni choices but teachers and parents are making it soo hard. I got straight A*'s except 2 A's in GCSE and I'm going for straight A's at A levels in 5 subjects. Due to this my parents are telling I should go to Oxford but the course i want to do it sport and exercise science because I want to become a PE teacher but I can't do that at Oxford. Also I would be happy still living at home and so would be happy going somewhere like Leeds. I really can't take the pressure from teachers and parents to do well. PLus half my teachers are telling me to go for my dreams and stuff like that whilst others are telling me that would be a waste of my academic studies.

    I don't really know what I'm asking for here I just felt like ranting and getting it of my chest. Anyone else in this situation and could offer any advice would be cool =]


    I'm in a very similar position. I'm torn between Computer Animation and Geography but am only considering Geography because I have the oppurtunity to study at UCL, Bristol etc. The only person telling me my first choice is a waste of academic studies is myself, even though I know it's something I'd be extremely happy with a career in in the future.

    My advice to you is do what you think you'd be the happiest doing and listen to no one else. If you're absolutely certain your chosen course is what you want then don't let anyone else hold you back. If you really do think your chosen course is a waste of your academic studies, then apply for Oxford etc. I'd choose the path you think will benefit you the most from the experience as well as the qualifications. Uni is 3 years + of your life so you shouldn't spend them doing something you don't want to do.

    1) Will you end up wondering what the path not taken would have led to?
    2) Will you end up resenting the people who push you?
    3) If you just apply to where people tell you would you not feel the decisions are pushing you in a certain direction?
    4) Are you looking for a heavy-laden academic life or a more relaxed?
    5) Which route: subject based open route or clear vocational route?
    6) Where do you see yourself sticking it out?
    7) Make list of pros and cons.
    8) Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years time? (sorry being cliche)

    I always wanted be a teacher so went down that route regardless of my mum (who is a teacher) trying to dissuade me as teaching jobs are hard to come by. I think you should be open-minded at this point rather than narrowing down options, even if you do decide to apply to Oxford you have 11months to think about it. :yep:

    Always go for what you love doing and what you really want to do. My dad pretty much outright banned me from going to drama school, but when crunch time came, it was what I really loved and they had to respect that. It's a different path to politics at somewhere big and respected, but they've come round to the idea a lot and they can see from my happiness that they were right to let me make this choice. Teachers were the same - some obviously thought it was a waste, some thought I shouldn't because there's no money in it - but I'm being challenged, inspired and stimulated as well as having a great time and creating some great prospects for my future, so who cares what someone else thinks.
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