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hey people lol just started P6 today and i already don't have a good vibe about it

just wondering does anyone know any good revision sites? this module im going to keep going through and through what iv been taught when iv been taught it........i don't want revision to like all build up to the 2 nights before the exam in june!!!

thanks for you help guys
john !!
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nice choice to start this early. it makes it much easier!
do you do edexcel P6? do you have the heinemann textbook for the module?

try doing all the review exercise questions. they are like exam questions (some ARE past questions, and the book itself is written by examiners). find how many there are in total, there were like 200 in P1, and say to yourself you'll do two questions each night. that is perfect revision because those questions cover everything.

check the back of the book and if you get an answer wrong, there are 2 causes:
1. you didn't know how to do the question
2. you made an error

number 1 can be easily solved by asking the question on here, by making sure you understand the explanating. number 2 is harder to correct, but with consistent practice and the addition of thorough checking in the exam you should hopefully get rid of that as well.

good luck
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