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Summer before year 12

Hello as the title implies I’m currently on my summer holiday before sixth form and I was wondering if I should revise a little bit before hand (flash cards and Seneca to learn the content as I think it’s unrealistic for me to learn exam technique and structure without a teacher)
I’m taking business, politics and level 3 finance btw
Honestly, unless your GCSE grades weren't as good as you expected or unless there's something specific from GCSEs that you struggled with and know you need for year 12, I think you should be fine without doing any work. You should enjoy your summer as this will be one of your longer ones and you don't have any important exams next year. So take it as an opportunity to relax and spend time doing hobbies and hanging out with friends. If you want to, you could do a quick recap of key concepts like the week before you start school just so you're confident on the relevant GCSE stuff. Other than that, just have fun :smile:

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