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A friend got back in touch after ignoring me and everyone else for 4 months

I met him whilst at university, before I dropped out. We stayed friends after but then suddenly out of nowhere he just ghosted me and seemingly every other person I knew. After a month had passed, I feared something had happened to him so I asked the university about my concerns. I found out that he was still alive, but for whatever reason had came off social media. I did find his youtube account and messaged him there and he responded to just say he had come off social media, never heard back.

Today I get a text out of the blue with his number saying he's been off social media for months. Stating the obvious. I don';t even know what to do. I have no friends and I really needed him I've had some very low moments in his absence though he's not responsible for them, I just don';t know how to even respond. Like I don't know if I should even hide my anger because I am totally confused as to why even if he did come off social media ,why he couldn't stay in touch with me. There's complications too. When someone at university made up a false rumour, or false accusation, against me that could have had serious consequences if they were stupid enough to pursue it, he stood up for me. However, people have told me they have had concerns about him and women and that he apparently hit this girl he stayed with. I don't stand for that but then I don't know if thats true because someone literally falsely accused me of raping them at that university
I know it’s not right to randomly go ghost on people but 99% of the time when someone does that it’s because they’re going through something and would rather distance themselves from everyone until they’re better I’m not saying what he did was right and you have every right to be annoyed with him for doing that because you needed him but I think you should make up with him and ask him why he did it and if everything’s okay and he can be there for you too
Always trust your gut instinct and listen to what your common sense is telling you. :smile:

The social media environment can be addictive and aggressive.
Brimming with online predators & criminality because the applicable laws are poorly enforced by the authorities and little understood by most people who are not legally qualified professionals.

Many people take breaks from social media to avoid spending too much time online or protect their mental health from being decimated by nasty troublemakers.
Plenty of my friends have completely given up social media after being harassed online by mass toxic trolls or perverts.
My best friend was chased off social media a few years ago by dozens of toxic incels that gave her more than a fortnight of utter hell.

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