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What is better for your future a club or a job?

I am going into year 11 next year and I know my time will be tighter than ever so I am currently trying to decide which commitments I should continue in September. I am definitely going to continue playing my instrument and going running (not in a club just the occasional park run or race for life). However, I am unsure whether my Saturdays would be best served doing a debate club or working a part time job. I was recently offered a job on weekends in a cafe close to where I live and working their is not bad. The only issue is I currently have not worked a weekend shift and apparently they are very stressful. This could be good as it would provide me with extra income, however I am not a big spender of money so the pocket money my parents give me has always been more than enough. But could this be good for work experience for the future? On the other hand would it be better to spend my Saturdays at a debate club. I have not yet attended this specific club however was invited to attend it. I have done debate before at school and really enjoyed it however my school does not offer a year 11 team. Would this be more beneficial as it could make me stand out for universities?
I think the big issue is I want to both do something that is beneficial for my future however also factor in the necessity of destressing in year 11. Working can be quite draining however all the staff are nice and it is well paid. Debate is fun but it is very stressful during competitions which often require a lot of preparation.
The good thing though is that both seem quite relaxed that when year 11 gets tough, around March onwards, I can take a break but the sticky situation at the moment is deciding which one is going to be best.
i definitely understand your dilemma - time management can become suuuper tricky as you progress through school years - particularly in a stressful year like y11. i don’t know how qualified i am to give advice here, but as someone who’s just finished y11, i would say go with debate. work experience can definitely be beneficial, so i wouldn’t rule it out, but i think you can pass it up on this particular occasion - you still have plenty of time ahead of you to get a part time job, and if money isn’t a struggle for you currently, then i think debate is the way to go. a job can get quite stressful to hold down, whereas debate appears to really be stressful only around competition times. moreover, debate is quite a good skill and talking point to have for uni applications, so if you enjoy it, i think you should go with that.

sorry for the long reply, just wanted to give my reasoning rather than just a blind answer. hope it was helpful :smile:
Thank you so much for the reply this is very useful and it is great to have someone else's opinion on it :smile:
Your going into year 11, join the debate club, see how it goes... your young enough where just enjoying & exploring new opportunities is worth it, in the future it’ll be harder to start new hobbies.
A club. You’ll have time in the future as many have said! You can always start working at college

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