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English or History ?

Hi all, i’m taking French and Classical civilisations A level and for a third choice was considering either English Lit or History i’m really torn between the two and would appreciate advice on whether one a level is harder than the other.
Both depend on books / topics studied.

Find out about which texts are included in Eng Lit and what the topics are in History.
Do these actually interest you?
I don't do English lit but I do History A level. Its interesting but challenging. I'm going to Y13 next year, and my first years courses were Edexcel Tudors, American dream and the road to Indian independence.

What I will say is a lot of the knowledge in terms of actually writing essays is brought through from GCSE, except that the only questions in A level history are 20 mark questions, not including SPaG. There are no 4 or 8 markers here. A level history consists of 3 question types, 2 for depth studies and 1 for breadth. In terms of breadth, it can cover a whole period while depth generally studies between 5 and 15 years max.

What I will say though, is look into this years topics. When I begun history, I thought it was only America and Tudors and did not know India was also a part of it. This was problematic as I, to this day, still struggle to get my head around content as it is repetitive and boring.

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