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Will two "bad" marks affect my possibility to enter Oxford?

Hello web argonauts :smile:, I'm actually studying Computer Engineering in Italy but I'd like to try to apply for one of the MSc of the Mathematical Institute of Oxford. Most of my marks are 30/30 (and, according to this table i found online, correspond to 1ST or 73% in Uk) but this year I got a 24/30 (2:2, 55%) in Mathematical Analysis II and now 22/30 in a big exam that comprehends Probability, Statitics and a little bit of Mathematical Analysis III. Now, should i reject this last mark and try again? I mean, does the 24/30 that I got in Analysis 2 already affects my possibility of successfuly apply to Oxford or will this 22 be crucial? Thanks in advance and sorry if this is the wrong section :s-smilie:.

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