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Sorry for another Anti-Depressants thread... watch

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    I just thought I'd ask what peoples opinions are on anti-depressants, anything first hand from people who have been on them?

    I have a friend who says they worked wonders for her.
    I have a doctor willing to ream off prescriptions.
    I have parents telling me they are not the answer (not Scinos).

    I have been finding I have been having problems getting motivated, sleeping all day (something I really, really hate but can't sleep at night so feel sluggish and sleep during the day) and as a domino effect can't get things done during the day I want to, which then makes me feel even worse. I know its student lifestyle and all, but getting up at 12 in the afternoon or later is really not a way to live.

    Also, with the work.. Trying to focus on study is an impossible task when all you do is stay awake all night and worry about screwing up your degree and time at university, worrying about pointless things and not looking at the big picture.

    Anyway, I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow to ask what can be done, but unfortunately I know the way this works, the questions to be asked and the prescriptions that will inevitably be printed off.

    In particular, I'm worried about ending up like a Daily Mail Bridgend Teenager, the side effects and reactions that could happen, dependence and how easy it is to get off of them. (I can give up smoking at the drop of a hat but not too sure if this is the same sort of thing.)

    I was dead against anti-depressants for a long time as instilled in me by my parents, but I feel I've got to that stage now where I really feel I need something to help me get through the days and focus.

    So if anyone who has first hand experience could dispense some advice I would be totally endebtted.

    I've been in the same situation for a long time!

    I now take 1 mg melatonin, 100 mg trazodone and 1 mg clonazepam at 11 pm and it works for me.

    I am sort of in a similar situation, even though I don't think mine is as serious as yours, considering you are thinking of taking meds. I stay up till late, usually not doing much and wake up at around like 12-2, ending up in missing sch somtimes. If I force myself to wake up early, I feel really wasted for the rest of the day.
    However, this situation can be overcome by strong will power. Push yourself to do sth when you feel sleepy and all that, for example jogging down the streets or hanging out with friends or a bit of coffee/alcohol (depends). Don't turn to meds too easily. Maybe a little stimulus can replace the anti-depressant. Don't take meds unless you are diagnosed to suffer from a psychiatric disorder. Hope that helps.
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    Unless you're not telling the full story, you're clearly not depressed, just lazy. I suffer from bipolar disorder so alongside lethargy I have to deal with unbearable guilt over irrational matters, suicidal thoughts, and, well, depression - and even I am unwilling to give in and take anti-depressants, and I certainly should be using them more than you. Try using up more energy in the day and eating healthily.
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