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Is it important to rest your muscles? watch


    (Original post by teenagelovesong)
    muscle volume and strength are actually built up during rest. technically the muscle is "broken down" when exercised (this sounds very weird but its true.) therefore heavy muscle work + 1-2 days of rest is crucial.

    but one could (and many people work like this) exercise one muscle group one day (eg leg, thighs, back) and let them rest the next day while working out another group (eg stomach, breast, shoulders). and day three different work our for arms, biceps, triceps. but EVERYDAY is probably not recommendabl for anyone.

    the muscle are still considered to be rested and up-buildable during not too heavy cardiotraining.

    sorry if theres funny english.. im not english.
    Hmm your english is pretty much better than everyone else's on here

    On a related note I do swimming as cardio but find that the day after I do weights I can't really swim too well as my muscles ache. This is becuase swimming use most of the muscles in the body, in particular the upper body, whereas most cardio excercise doesn't
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    hmm I would love to get into swimming, get the impression that it's much better exercise than the other cardios, but i find public swimming pools to be a bit gross -.- theres always a few grotty plasters at the bottom of the pool and muck.. so i just stick to cycling..

    on that note, is there any significant difference between cycling and jogging? or any of the other standard cardio machines at gyms? cause I just tend to stick to cycling, about 30 minutes.. is that any better/worse than jogging?
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