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Picking GSCE’s

I’m unsure what to pick for my gsce’s. I’m starting a new school for year 10 and my last school didn’t have many subjects apart from dance and music and drama that weren’t required. I have three choices, as we have to do citizenship and i don’t have to do the ebacc. The options are:

art and design
engineering design
health and social care
triple science
hospitality and catering
textiles design
computer science
digital information technology
btec music
btec drama
btec dance

In my old school, I did geography, spanish, music and drama. I didn’t like geography or spanish but had to take them. As for music, I like guitar but I won’t pick it at my new school. The only option I am certain about is drama. When I’m older I’d like to potentially be an actor, or a dentist or vet or get into a trade like being a builder, or maybe being a PM. Apart from PE, Health and Social Care and art/textiles I’m happy to do any of the subjects. Which ones will help me get into vet/dentist courses at uni? Thanks
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To take dentistry or vet sci you'll need generally need to take Biology and Chemistry at A level. It's not essential to take triple Science at GCSE to take A level Sciences but if you like them enough to take them at A level then you would probably enjoy them at GCSE.

Other than that, nothing leaps out, but a good solid academic background is good, as you've already chosen BTEC Drama, then picking another actual GCSE as the third choice might be the best idea.

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