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How do A levels work for international students

Hey guys,

I don't understand the UK system. My girlfriend would like to enroll in an online A levels course in the UK because the German system is way too annoying, requiring 2 foreign languages and way too many other courses.

She has no prior education at the GCSE level. She would like to take GCSE English first to get up to speed, and then 3 A level courses (Maths, German, and any other science subject). Sidenote, she is a non-native German speaker.

If she takes Maths at A levels, does she still need it at GCSE level?

Would that be enough to get accepted at a university in the UK? Also alternatively would that be accepted in an Australian uni?
I'd appreciate any input,

1) Online GCSEs and A levels are expensive. There are schools in Germany that offer IB in English and this is accepted by all UK Unis. There will also be English International Schools in Germany that offer A levels. See

2) International applicants to UK Unis do not need to have done GCSEs as long as they have qualifications - or are taking qualifications - that include the required skills at the right level, typically GCSE Maths and English. This is the advantage of IB as it includes both as core subects.

3) You will need to look at the entry requirements on individual course pages on each UK Uni website to check what is required - A levels, IB and GCSEs will be listed separatly.

4) For either UK or Australian Unis you will have to pay International tuition fees, and there will be living costs and flights on top.

5) If you just want to study in the UK, then look at doing a degree at a German Uni and doing a Year Abroad in either the UK or Australia.
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King's InterHigh offer the IB Online, this is the only school to offer the IB online [

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