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MSc Oxford V Imperial V UCL

I am planning on applying to the following masters courses:
MSc Statistical Science (Oxford University)
MSc Computing (Imperial College London)
MSc Computational Statistics and Machine Learning (UCL)
I'd love to hear peoples opinions of which they would recommend I prioritise. Also very happy to listen to recommendations for better courses in the related fields.
For background, I completed my BSc Economics from the University of Nottingham (1st class) in 2020. I have worked in Management Consultancy since then. I have completed a 3-month Data Science program run by MIT, as well as other certifications on Coursera (IBM data science professional cert, Machine Learning spec by Andrew Ng, and Deep learning spec by Andrew Ng). I plan on getting a data science/analyst role in the coming months to strengthen my programming skills before starting one of the masters in 2023 (if I get accepted). Any advice is more than welcome.
Thank you!

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