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Submitting Written Work for History/Politics at Oxford

I understand that according to Oxford's directions on written work, I have to submit written work that has been completed during the school year and marked by a teacher as a part of my application. However, I am concerned that what I have to submit is not sufficient. I am from the USA and due to COVID-19, my school largely relies on technology and a virtual framework for instruction. I have taken two history classes consecutively in the last two school years (2020-2021, 2021-2022); in both of these classes, all of our writing assignments were timed and completed in a lock-down browser on Canvas, a learning management system. The lock-down browser prohibits me from accessing other tabs while I am completing the assessment, so I could not save these written works in another format such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Even if a lock-down browser was not put into place, my teachers strongly encouraged us not to open other tabs and I faced disciplinary action if this occurred. Moreover, I can not access any of my previous works upon submission as Canvas does not save any online assignments from past classes that I have taken in the past school years. The only work that I have access to is a paper that I completed in my AP World History class in 2020/2021 due to technology issues that prohibited my class from submitting in Canvas. It is also in DBQ format, which means it references articles and pictures I don't have access to anymore. However, I am wary of turning this paper in as I completed it almost two years ago. I was hoping to seek advice from other applicants about what I could do.

1. I'm currently in an independent study program/class where we have to submit weekly research assessments, so I was thinking about writing a history paper and get it marked by my teacher for that class. My only problem with that option is that my independent study teacher only teaches English outside of that class, and I don't know if that information is pertinent to Oxford. Also, I would have a much larger timeframe to work on this paper, and since I have free rein over my written work in that class, I feel that it goes against what Oxford wants, which is not specially written work. Moreover, I'm not sure if writing "Independent Study" for what course I wrote the paper for on my cover sheet is the most impressive.
2. I was also thinking of asking my AP European History teacher next year if I could perhaps save my paper and get her to leave comments on it as well, but we typically don't start long essay practice until later into the year, past November. I also am not confident in this writing at all because it is typically done in a 45 minute time frame and, as a result, has a bunch of grammatical or spelling errors that I can't fix due to Oxford's "no rewriting" rule.

Sorry if this post is super long! Advice is much appreciated.
Hey! So this might sound like an obvious one but you are going to get the most clear-cut answer from the undergraduate admissions department in Oxford. I come from a slightly different background (joined Oxford for masters and not undergrad), but I included one piece of independent research and one piece of marked work, though they were both written relatively close to my application submission date.

I would honestly be surprised if you had *no* way of accessing your work, since it would likely have to stay in the system for plagiarism checks etc. You could also check whether any of your old teachers have a marked copy of your work lying around on their computer that you can use?

Either way, definitely get in touch with the department to explain your situation.
Best of luck!

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