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York vs Exeter - International Business or Computer Science

Hi guys just a question on personal experiences, general reputation and if at all there are significant differences between the two. I'll either be doing CS or INTL Business.

+ Better campus (IMO 'Campus East' is) and it seems to have a better environment. I especially liked the 'surrounded by a lake' feeling.
+ Collegiate system is nice. The Collegiate system is unlike Oxford's but each college has its own history, rivalries and dedicated events for college members. Cute.
+ I prefer their course structures and the focus on strategy and Innovation(Business). Exeter's one isn't bad either. Both allow me to do research (MSc)
+ No royalty but the Co-Founder of Ethereum and the .PNG format went to York. (How this school came to my radar as I'm mostly paying for my accommodation with Ethereum money lol)

+/- Seems to have erratic rankings. I read it was once in the top 10 ish and is now at 18. (Is that significant enough?) but Wikipedia search reveals it was part of the 13 most selective schools 20 years ago?

+/- Campus West isn't attractive. Some buildings look like abandoned factories and haunted houses... But the first building that made me want to apply is there Heslington Hall. Very pretty.

+/- This will seem really shallow but I thoroughly dislike the Central hall/flying saucer in the pictures shown. (where we graduate apparently..)

+ Campus is also nice and modern, near beaches (I live in a tropical country)
+ Triple Accredited Business School? I read that this only matters to MBAs but top schools in the US (Wharton, Yale) aren't accredited so I don't know what to think + Oxford isn't either?
+Royalty have attended there? If it's good enough for the British Royal Family then maybe it's good enough for me.

+/- I see that the University is in debt (lol) and is spending more money than they are earning? (At least this is what I've gathered from their financial reports. And a google search)

+/- Noticeably more expensive than York's (Beyond my scholarship grant but I have eth money so not too bad) and the application process was suspiciously easy? (Is it because they're desperate and in debt?)

+/- UK ranking seems to be newer? Did not appear too much in the top 20 before 2010? Saw a youtube video where it was in the 40s in an old table 20 years ago (Life with Dylan) Rank 40 is not bad by all means, but I'm afraid a lot of its praise on this website about being 'the next place after Cambridge' is dubious. (EDIT: They've been consistent enough actually)

Also, neither are known for either CS or Business but I think are above average for both? So im only looking at overall rep I guess.

PS. I think I'm one of the first people funding my masters abroad via crypto on this site ahaha. And yes, I've liquidated my ETH into fiat before the bear market lol.
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