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Is it possible to work alongside uni study?

I’m looking at study Nutrition at UG level, probably at Herts.

Is it possible to work alongside, does the timetable change each semester, or just yearly. What job is it possible to do, I guess probably shift work where it’s easier to chop and change my days as college requires
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Yes, plenty of people do that. It would certainly be hard to be a student when youre older and not have some form of income stream.
That being said, UG has a lot more lessons and whatnot to go to if memory serves, whilst PG is much more friendly towards people who have jobs.

Do you have a job atm, where you can ask the boss to play with your hours? Otherwise, as you said, shift work is probably the only one where it can cater to your odd schedule - albeit some office work is okay where its not time sensitive so you can do your hours how you see fit,
Hi @Linnyw82,

I am currently a mature student at the University of Portsmouth and work alongside my undergraduate studies.

I was very lucky as I was able to be made a bank worker at my current place of employment so I can pick and choose suitable shifts. Whilst my timetable didn’t have any major changes, sometimes lectures would be an hour or so later or with an additional hour to discuss assignments or exams, I found it helpful to pick shifts around my studies rather than having set hours. Also, there were points when I had lots of reading to do or research to complete and it helped not being tied to specific hours, so I would certainly say it is achievable to work and study but in my opinion, work where you can choose shifts that fit with your studies is much easier.

There may be work at your University so it may be worth looking at any student jobs that they may have, or if they have a careers service at the uni they would be able to help and guide you, as well as give you info about local vacancies and support in applying.

I hope this helps.

Luke Portsmouth Student Rep

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