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Help what language should i choose

I’m studying Modern Languages and Film Studies at the University of Leeds.
you can pick one of 10 languages and I thought I would choose during September (i was wrong).

So I’m stuck between

French (I did it for Alevel and it frustrates me but I like it kind of)

Japanese (beginners level but i would absolutely love to learn it, it’s such a beautiful language + i’m interested in art, graphic design and animation )

Spanish (so many people speak it like my friends, I know some from year 6-9)

which would be the most useful?
Useful is a really relative term, and it depends entirely on what you end up doing with your life after your degree. Obviously if you move to France, French would be most useful. If you stay in the UK, then unless you're working in a translation based job or something none will really be specifically use and instead you'll just be applying the transferable skills you gained from studying the language (which will be same regardless of which you choose).

I would suggest you choose the language you are most interested in and feel you are most committed to. This is more likely to make a difference in your studies and may influence what you do later!

One thing to note is that I believe for Japanese at Leeds the year abroad is in second year, so a bit earlier than for other languages (which is normally third year). You can read more about that here (also if you're interested in Japanese generally, the original post has a survey of most of the departments and unis offering Japanese courses in the UK which is very detailed and informative!):


You may also want to read this users very informative post on Japanese year abroad options here:


For many language degrees you can take 2 or even 3 languages.

French & Spanish at Southampton -
Japanese with French or German at UCLAN -
Three languages at Warwick - choose two languages from: French, German, Italian or Spanish. Your third language will be selected from: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian or Spanish.
Chinese Studies or Japanese Studies at Leeds -

Go to some Open Days and find out about all the options available - and what previois graduates have gone on to do.

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