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I am confused about the meaning of this question

This is so emberassing but please explain this statement.

The company has approved a raise for all its employees that started work with it within the previous 2 years.
-September 2021

So does that mean anyone that started work from 2019 to 2021 gets a raise or is it people from 2018 to 2020?

So what if someone started work with them in 2020, will they get the raise?

Also according to the company each year starts in September.
So if you began work from 8th september 2020 and left 9th septembr you worked with them for one year exactly.

Thank you
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I think they mean...If they said everyone got a raise in 2021 but only the people who are working two years before 2021 (2019-2020) not including 2021 beacuse the year isnt finished in September.
So only the people that worked in 2019-2020 get a raise.
People who started working at the company from 2020 onwards will get a pay rise.
Does previous include the year it was said?
Original post by RoseCube
Does previous include the year it was said?

It includes anyone who started working there between Sept 2019 and Sept 2021.

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