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International A levels Preparation in 5 months

I need counseling for my career. Last year I have done my IGCSE (Results: 2A*s and 5As ) from Pearson Edexcel and technically this year May/June 2022 session, I would have done my IAS (first-year exam of A levels) but due to the lack of preparation and motivation, I skipped and now planning to do AS levels exam by January 2023 and A2 (final exam) by November 2023.

The Subjects I have chosen for AS levels (11th Grade) are:

Chemistry (Unit 1–3)
Mathematics (Pure Maths 1–2, Mechanics)
Physics (Unit 1–3)
The Subjects I will choose for A2 levels (12th Grade) are:

Chemistry (Unit 4–6)
Mathematics (Pure Maths 3–4, Statistics)
Physics (Unit 4–6)
My goal is to study in Engineering Field (Mostly Mechanical or Electrical) in the UK, Europe or Canada.

The only obstacle I feel is the lack of motivation nowadays. I remember that I used to be so serious about my studies back in IGCSE but for the past one year of A levels, I don’t find myself spending much time on studies. I know my exam is just 5 months away but I don’t feel like studying and on the other hand, I want to pursue my dreem degree.

I once thought about skipping A levels and do a foundation Year but now, it’s late and moreover, I came from a middle-class family so can’t pressurise my parents for huge money to put amidst the tution fees they are paying for A levels for the past one year.

I need to get atleast AAB in A levels to get into my dream degree.

I need motivation for studies.
The fact that you were even able to "skip" your International AS levels in May/June 2022 and re-arrange them for January 2023 instead suggests that you might be studying independently, rather than within a school/college. Is that right? A solid group of people to study alongside can be a great motivating factor - either because you complete with each other, or because you're able to support each other when things don't go so well. Are you studying independently? Is there any way you could form a "study group" (perhaps here on TSR) for mutual support and motivation?

As you skipped your IAS exams in May/June, you presumably have no idea where you are academically. You may be further behind than you realise, given the "the lack of preparation and motivation" you describe. Have you thought about taking an IAS past paper or two, under exam conditions, and then marking them using the official mark scheme? Looking up the grade boundaries for that year, and realising how far behind you are, might be sufficient motivation to actually put in some effort. (Of course, it could go the other way and send you into a spiral of depression!)

Your goals seem a tad vague: "study in Engineering Field (Mostly Mechanical or Electrical) in the UK, Europe or Canada." I don't know how many universities there are across "UK, Europe or Canada" - but it'll be a lot. Why not try to pick a "dream" university. Look at the details of the course, of the campus, of the lecturers; read the blogs of people who go there; generally try to fall in love with the place. With a more specific goal, you might be more motivated to achieve the required grades.

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