A question for all who have seeked medical help sith depression... Watch

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(Original post by shootingstar)
I know... I know...

But anyway. My doctor has suggested that I take a deep hard think about whether I would prefer meds or counselling.

So if you've been on either, did it help? what are the pro's or cons?

if you don't feel comfortable posting here, feel free to pm me...
Yes, counselling/therapy DOES help. Medication is also working for me.
I don´t think therapy/counselling has any cons, really. Medication can have side effects, but that varies from person to person. Hope this helped. If you want to know more, feel free to pm me.
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Haven't had depression, but I worked as a psychiatric nurse. It depends on many factors. With profound depression or bipolar disorder you'll need dope. The fact that you can talk rationally about it and that your doctor has given you a choice is evidence that you can function without it. One possible alternative is cognitive therapy, which- if i remember aright- is more effective that both counselling or medication with mild or moderate depression. If you take medication, there's no reason why you shouldn't benefit from other treatments.
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