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how did you beat the heat?

I herd it was really hot on Monday and Tuesday. (I was away in Spain) so how did you guys and girls beat the record breaking heat?

As i said i was away in Spain so missed it I was by a really nice swimming pool in Andalusia.
Air con.
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I’m sure the heat was far worse in Andalusia lol.

Nah it was only about 35.
Literally just stayed inside the whole time in shorts and a t shirt with multiple fans directed at me. Oh and also ate lots of ice cream
I had my covid vaccine on Sunday, so I felt plenty cold enough on Monday. :cool:
Didn't go so well when my vision and sense of balance went, but I still wasn't overwhelmed by the heat, and that's what matters.
I opted to work 12 hour shifts this week. 😂

I work as an associate practitioner in a pathology lab with a KICK ASS AC system. So, in short I worked from 8am-8pm every single work day this week (minus Friday as I was told I’d done too many hours that week). - 49 hours total, so quite a bit of overtime, not complaining though as my contract states any overtime I work will increase my standard hourly wage by 60%. 😁

So I sat in that lab working in a nice, cool 19 degree heat. Was so happy!
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Kept all the curtains shut and windows open, consumed way too many ice creams
I didn't.

I will be getting air conditioning next year.
We have 1 smallish portable air con unit (it's really more like a glorified fan that you put water and ice blocks into) plus 5 fans in the house.
It was still melting though.
I didn't. I just endured it.
By putting up a fight :biggrin:
I had to use a small Fan throughout the day but the issue was it was just blowing out hot air :frown: I am so glad the Weather has become a lot more cool than the past days :smile:
ice cream is the solution LOL
Flew to Heaven and floated on clouds for a while. How was it for you all? Heard it was awful.

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