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Is Geography now just all about the environment?

Is Geography now just all about the environment?

Geography at school, like many subjects, often undergoes changes in what is taught.

From your own experience - how much did your own Geography lessons focus on environmental changes and the threats to the climate?

How far do you think Geography should be focused on this?

Do you think it's something pupils care about?

Do you think other aspects of Geography are more (or equally) important?

If so, what are they?

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Although environmental geography is focused on, human geography is part of the curriculum. Human geography can show how countries economies are developing and how population growth is impacting resources and systems e.g. transport, education and healthcare systems.
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In my school, I remember being taught more about human geography (e.g. shanty towns, tourism, economic effect of earthquakes and tornados etc.) than environment geography, though I was definitely taught the latter sometimes.

I don't think we learnt enough about climate change.
I thought it was just about colouring in maps.
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There is an arm of Geography that concerns the environment. But equally, human factors can be covered in geography and of course there is physical geography about how the world looks as it does. I guess you could also apply that to planets too.
we had to learn glaciers and that. i am still all over drumlins, eskers, moraines and erratics.


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