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    Hi, im not really sure if this should go in this sub-forum but o well,
    i was just wondering if people could tell me like what is an:
    BA Hons (whats the difference between this and above)

    and like which ones best qualification to have

    MA = Master of the arts
    BA = Bachelor of the arts
    BA Hons = Bachelor of the arts with honours
    BSc = Bachelor of the sciences

    Those names might not be exact, but give a rough idea. MA is higher than a BA and usually achieved via post-graduate study. Generally speaking a BA would be for an arts course, like English, and a BSc for a science such as Chemistry (although some subjects, like Management, have BA and BSc courses - as you could perhaps guess, BSc courses would typically be more science-based and mathematical).

    I'm not sure about this bit and may be wrong, but I think a BA Hons is when you don't just pass, for example you get a First, 2:1, 2:2 or Third. Below that is a BA.
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    The difference between BA and BSc is that, very loosely speaking, the former is an "arts" degree and the latter is a "sciences" degree. Some universities offer BA Geography, and some offer BSc Geography - this might indicate that the latter is more sciencey and the former is more artsy, but the distinction isn't universal. In fact, in various older universities, all undergraduate degrees are BAs, not because their content is artsy, just because of tradition. Similarly between MA and MSc. The difference between MA and BA (or MSc and BSc) is typically that the former requires an extra year of study (though again, older universities sometimes just give out MAs after 21 terms from matriculation without needing 21 terms of study).
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    K cheers, that helped

    However if you are talking about the Scottish system, an MA is the award you get after doing an undergraduate arts degree. Aaand anything without (Hons) after it often implies it's a designated degree which means you only complete three years of study instead of four and don't have the same form of assessment as Honours students.

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