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Transfer with third class

Are there any universities that accept transfers to 2nd year if I got a third class grade in my 1st year? I can add that it was one of top 3 unis. I've been trying to find one but it's really hard :frown:
Generally transferring directly into second year is hard to swing and unlikely to happen - and with a third class in first year at another uni, very unlikely.

You would be much more likely to be accepted for first year entry, even with the third class result in first year, especially if you have good results in your school leaving qualifications.
It’s going to be very course specific even if there is somewhere that will consider it. Unfortunately you’ll have to reach out to every Uni that you would reasonably consider.
No sensible Uni will want to acceot anyone with such weak 1st year results. Forget RG etc.
You will need to look at much lower 'points' Unis and even then you are probably looking at year 1 restart not a transfer.

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