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[Official] Oxford TSA Nov 2022 (For 2023 Admissions)

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Is it B?
@Oxford Mum@Theloniouss don’t know if you wanna keep you eye on this?
Sorry but I am no expert on the tsa tests, so do not want to comment
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is there a problem?

No not at all just OM is very well versed on Oxford and Theloniouss know a fair wack about the TSA so they can help you all:biggrin:
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ok ...the purpose of this thread is to help :smile:

And that’s what I was doing also
Q 20 TSA 2011.
Raoul has just bought a new car for $10 000. He expects this car to last him 8 years,
when he will buy another equivalent model. He puts $10 000 into a bank account ready
to pay for the next car. The price of cars rises with inflation at 8% and his savings only
earn interest of 6%.
How much will he need to add to his savings when he needs to buy his new car?

is there a shortcut way of answering the Q instead of multiplying the 10000 by 8 and then get the product of those and multiply them by 8 and add it and do the same until we get to the 8 years and do the same for the money in the saving account and get the difference yo know the answer?/ because ther has got to be a shortcut way.
GUYS, i have been trying with this Q, but i just dont get it, any help would be very much appreciated
Lol looking at these questions I would be absolutely no good with this thread
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Any opinion on the online tsa/oxbridge preparation programs? Im doubting whether I should sign up or not
hi, can u pls explain the answer here?
how to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills? Will reading books and doing mathematics help? any other recommendation please
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Any opinion on the online tsa/oxbridge preparation programs? Im doubting whether I should sign up or not

It's really up to you, there are also tons of free resources such as past papers and articles which you could find very helpful as well :smile: For example, here is Oxbridge TSA Guide with tons of top tips on how to ace your TSA! Oxbridge Mind also offers free TSA past papers for you to use for practice!

I hope this helps!
Milena G.
Oxbridge Mind
bmat 2021 section1, Q26.

here we have M=3S, and S=5L, wich is saying that medium is the largest one, but i dont know how to decide wether the answeer is B or C??
btw, here if i wanna multiply the second by three to get 3S=15L, i would get M=3S=15L which is gonna give me L as the biggest value which doesnt make sense!?
any help would be appreciated.

Nathan makes candles in three different sizes: small, medium and large. He sells each size of
candle at $2, $5 and $10 respectively. Last month he sold 3 times as many medium candles as
small candles, and 5 times as many small candles as large candles.
Which one of the following pie charts could represent the total amounts of money that Nathan
made from selling each type of candle?
hello, i have this Q if you guys can help.
Q28. i got the bottom square as 2:1 ration but i dont know how to wrk the top one though i think that they are 1:1 cause i think if u flipp the 2 white triangles u might get the same saize of the grey.????
for essay part, should you be reading newspaper to be able to answer it?
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for essay part, should you be reading newspaper to be able to answer it?

As far as I am aware there isn’t any compulsory prior knowledge as the questions are on a broad range of topics
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@anezkaj @sfp04 It seems that spatial reasoning questions were not included in the previous 2 years because the test was online. Now that the test is back to paper-based, those questions may re-appear. Keep an eye on the TSA Question Guide.

It seems that the question guide says the only spatial reasoning-type questions are calculating areas, perimeters and volumes, rather than the kinds of nets and visualisation questions there used to be.
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2014 Q24 answer: D
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2012 Q48 answer: D

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