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Should I get a tutor for English GCSE?

i'm going into year 11 in september. in my year 10 mocks, i got a 7 in english literature and a 6 in language. is it worth me getting a tutor? i know a lot of people are, but i'm not sure if it's financially worth it (we can afford it, but my parents aren't particularly keen). i don't feel particularly confident, and i really want to get a 9. any thoughts??
Hi, I think firstly try to take advantage of your teachers and past students (if you know people in the year above you). You are already doing really well by having a 7 and a 6, so having a tutor might not be as beneficial as it would be if you were failing the subject. For language and literature, lots of practice over summer can be really helpful and doing mindmaps around each theme. Once you understand how to do the essays, you'll be absolutely fine if you have the knowledge around the books/ what the specification wants. I hope this helps :smile:

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