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Some advice please?? 😊

Hello, I am in a confusing and scary situation at the moment, however I do tend to overreact and overthink things. Well basically I got homeschooled so couldn’t do my GCSES and got them done at college, and I’m just waiting for my results until the 25th of August. They didn’t go too well at all, especially maths and I did higher maths. I did 4 GCSES, but it’s fine to apply for A levels still because that’s what the course had offered. Anyway, I had a plan set up that if I had failed at least one GCSE I’d re do it myself and take the exam in an exam hall and pay for it in October. And then I’d homeschool myself with 3 a levels- business, product design, media studies. Thing is, I don’t know because there’s coursework isn’t there?? It’s just I don’t learn well at college so it’s much easier for me to teach myself at home? I even thought about working full time somewhere during it to pay for the exams at the end. Basically however I did also apply for an apprenticeship in administration- finance( business) level 3. Now I don’t even know if I’m going to get accepted, but I thought I’d try considering I’d never had a job before. Also realised hospitality isn’t for me because I worked somewhere for a week as a cafe assistant and got fired because I wasn’t interacting enough. Basically I’m worried about my future, like really worried and I don’t want to waste my potential and life away?? And I think I will and I just wish I knew answers to things. Like I want a career in design, but I want it to be like a business environment too?? I used to think interior design, but I didn’t just want it to be that? I wanted it to focus on all aspects of design?? I don’t know how to explain it but that’s the sort of thing I want. Also I don’t even know about university??
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Basically I think I’m going to die one day and not be proud of myself and not have loved the life I had the potential for and waste my life away
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Lived** and also how do I know I’m in the right place at the moment? I know everything happens for a reason, but what if nothing ever changes, what if I never change?
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Also I’m 17 and I think I’m just getting older and older and will stay the same and in a bad way, will spend my whole life not how I was supposed to?
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And how do I move on with my life and forget about last friendships and everything because I find myself over obsessing over people
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