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A-Levels to study Criminal Law

I am not sure which subjects to choose for A-Levels to study Criminal Law. Any suggestions?
For law at uni (as you will be studying multiple compulsory areas of law, not just criminal) it honestly doesn’t matter what A level subjects you take, as long as they aren’t subjects like critical thinking etc

Subjects like English, or history are sometimes preferred, but in all honesty, any essay-based subjects will be helpful in preparing you.
There’s no subject that will look ‘good’ specifically for criminal law.

That being said, some subjects at A level have elements of crime within them, eg A level law, you may study Criminal law, A level psychology, you may study forensic psychology, and with A level sociology there is crime and deviance.

Long story short, just study what you will enjoy the most :smile:
There are no required subejcts for Law - you just need high grades.
Some people find an essay-based subject like History, Politics, English Lit, useful for skills but this is not essential.
Maths and Sci students do well in Law - logical, scientofic approach - so what ever A levels you are doing, Law is a possible degree subject.

Pick 3 subjects whicj you will enjoy studying, and were you feel confident of hogh grades.
Its slso worth thinking about what else you could do with your chosen A levels in case you change your mind about Law.

Oxford's free UNIQ Law Summer School for the summer between Y12 and Y13 -
or Pathways to Law -
These sort of summer schools have early closing dates in Year 12 - start doing your research now.

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