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Selfish friend?

I hate to call a friend selfish, but one of my friends whom I have dedicated a lot of time to, is making me feel like I’m only needed when they have nobody.
My friend doesn’t have many friends and has just me and one other (whom is not my friend- I don’t know them) basically my friend tells me all that is wrong in their life and runs away the minute their other friend gives them attention, leaving me alone for days.
Am I wrong to call them selfish?
No, you are not wrong. :smile:
They are acting like someone who only uses gets in touch to use you as a sympathetic audience when nobody else is available.
Nothing like a genuine two way friendship.
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Have you discussed it with them?
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no ur not wrong
when ur friends with someone it's good to tell them the lows and complain but also the good times and enjoy spending time with them
if they're just using u it's not worth it

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