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Is Bolton Sixth Form College/ The Sixth Form Bolton a good college??

I am going to be studying Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and maybe Mathematics for my A-Levels so if you are or used to be a student from Bolton Sixth Form College/ The Sixth Form Bolton who studied or studies any of these subjects, please could you rate: the school, the teachers, the atmosphere/vibe, how much support you get, how the school/teachers deal with any problems you have and anything else you believe is worth mentioning? Thank you!

Also any advice or anything of the sort would be greatly appreciated :smile:
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I'm a current 2nd year student at B6 doing my final ALevel exams. I'm doing chemistry, Bio and psychology. Overall I'd give this college 5/10, this is as this college needs a better staff who is responsive and helpful when needed. I emailed my tutor regarding my personal statement and he never got back to me, they put us in form for 40 mins for no reason whilst we could have done some independent study. You don't get much support regarding UCAS, your teacher will give you ton of work and expect you to do well in exam aw. Chemistry department is the poorest of all, my exam started last month on 17th May and we finished chem content last week 06th June. My chem teacher would let everyone talk and wouldn't focus on actual teaching. So yh its a been a bat time for me. It comes down to what you choose.

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