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Driving test fail (help for next time please :) )

First attempt at a driving test, done previous mock tests, passed all of them and was prepared for test, didn’t do anything differently to what I usually do, just had to get a new instructor a few days before my test as my other instructor wasn’t around (long story, he hadn’t been around for 4 other test dates previously so had been waiting months and eventually gave up). But I did have 8 hours of lessons in new instructors car before hand, so, here’s how the test went. (Just want some advice here, sorry for the long post.)

Go in to test centre, guy calls me, says go stand over there and sign the thing and give him my license, so I do, and I say hi and ask him how he is and he replies with ‘good’. Gets me to go outside, do the eyesight test, asks me the tell ‘em question which was how do I turn on the main beam lights and how do I know they’re on? So I say by using the dial in the car and you know it’s on when the light comes on on the dash so he then says ok, what colour is the light that comes on to let you know they’re on? And I panic and I can’t remember whether it’s blue or green (it’s blue) but I panic and say green like an idiot so that was my first minor lol. Anyways, the driving all went well but we go round a few roundabouts and whatnot and then he takes me down a small one lane country road (which I hadn’t done
because my instructor though they didn’t take you down the one lane country roads) but it’s fine and I get on with it. Here’s where I got my major, I was behind a bike and I personally, didn’t feel it was safe to overtake the bike on the country road as I couldn’t really see what the road ahead was doing and felt I couldn’t see far enough ahead for it to be safe to overtake it. This is where I got done for ‘Appropriate speed’ as my major but I didn’t have anyone behind me, so wasn’t putting anyone in danger, etc. I also got a minor for ‘Appropriate speed’, this was after the bike incident where I was going through a residential area where it was a thinish road with lots of parked cars and was curved most of the way up it (it was on a hill) and the limit was 30 but I was going 20 most of the time as I’m aware that of a car comes towards me, I need to pull in somewhere or stop, and exactly that happens, as I go round a sharp bend, there are cars on the other side of the road and another learner comes towards me and refuses to move and I can see the instructor in the learners car shouting at me to move (it’s my right of way) but this learner won’t move, so I have to reverse down the hill and around the bend to let the learner come through before I can go, and it’s fine, I carried it out fine but on that road is where he told me I was going to slow and I got my minor for appropriate speed but I’ve always gone that speed around parked cars in residential areas and have never been told it’s and issue (is it?). My final minor was when I parked and I just had to straighten it a bit so that was a minor. But as we go to the test centre at the end, he tells me to pull in forward anywhere and it doesn’t matter if it’s in the lines or not and then goes wait, he’s it does, go in the lines and the he goes wait no, go in and reverse in on the left….uhhhhh…. Right so I ask ‘left or right?’ And he goes oh either it’s fine and then says something about a black car (??) so I’m like what? And he goes oh no it’s fine don’t worry, so that threw me off for parking or whatever but it’s fine. Just want a bit of advice as to what I can do better.

Just to add, he didn’t make any conversation with me or make me feel comfortable/relaxed and he didn’t do the ‘show me question’ which they are meant to do. He also never told me his name so it was just quite and uncomfortable experience
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Your examiner should be able to sit in the passenger seat and relax and have feel safe for a legal drive. I'm sorry you felt so bad as you were driving , its a horrible feeling (of impending doom!)

If you drive with your 'learner' head on your shoulders and then drive without enough anticipation and planning (your instructor helps you and fills in the gaps) you will fail on independent driving with no one there to prompt you or give you advice.

When you leave the test centre if you had passed you should be able to drive anyone anywhere in the UK? Do you think you could have done that? The test is not driving by numbers. You should be able to drive on completely unfamiliar routes or roads, assess them and make the best decisions for the circumstances you are faced with whilst coping with other road users.

It sounds like you need many more miles of 'on road' experience to cope with and managing other road users, planning what you need to do with the car for positioning, overtaking and speed. Your inexperience is showing in your hesitancy to be able to assess and plan a safe overtake on cyclists or bikes?

Don't give up, just drive more miles and get more help with anticipation and planning (and assessment of road hazards) and then try again sometime soon.
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Doesn’t sound like you did too bad overall to be honest. The examiner must have felt there was space to overtake the cyclist safely. You don’t always have to affect another road user badly, just to have had the potential to. Anyway there is little point in questioning the competence of the examiner, just get a bit more practice with varying road types and have another go. A good instructor should prepare you for most anything.
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@Muttly it’s weird, I actually felt fine when driving the route and I’ve driven on everything but motorways and feel confident and fine driving, I just made a judgment call that it wasn’t safe to overtake because the bike kept swerving in and out the middle of the road and I couldn’t see too far ahead due to what the road was doing but I guess the examiner though I could of so just something to keep in mind for next time I guess. It’s odd as well because I live around a lot of backroads so have always driven backroads and have come face to face with lots of bikes, scooters, horses, etc, so am fine with overtaking and knowing what to do depending on what’s in front of me but guess all I can do is try again and see how it goes and the test centre I did my test at is not where I live (as it is incredibly difficult to get a test at the one local to me) so I did know what to expect and I thought it was fine, the examiner said it was just bike thing that failed me so I guess I’ll be more aware of when to over take next time I guess but thank you for your help, I appreciate it :smile:

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