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Good papers, studies, reports on nature vs nurture in human development

I'm currently writing an end-of-year assignment which discusses the importance of context/environment in determining our ability to learn. This isn't directly about nature vs nurture however I want to make some points about the interplay between the two. Therefore I was looking to know if anyone had any good papers, to support the claim that both are important in development.
This is a classic arguing that the importance of family environment is vastly overestimated:

Harris, J. R. (1995). Where is the child's environment? A group socialization theory of development. Psychological review, 102(3), 458.

She followed it up with a book length treatment called The Nurture Assumption.

This is a really good brief overview of behaviour genetics and its implications for developmental psychology (which most people conveniently ignore):

Turkheimer, E. (2000). Three laws of behavior genetics and what they mean. Current directions in psychological science, 9(5), 160-164.
Thank you mate, this is really helpful!

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