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TSR World Cup of Summer Holiday Activities: Hub Thread

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Welcome to the TSR World Cup of Summer Holiday Activities!

After we asked the TSR community last summer to pick their favourite picnic food, we're back this year with an expanded competition to pick our favourite summer holiday activity!

Whether we've got a few days' summer holiday, six weeks or three months, I'm sure everyone is going tok be looking for summery things to do. After asking my fellow volunteers to suggest their favourite activites, we're ready to go and find out yours!

The format is basically the same as at the FIFA World Cup: the 32 activites have been drawn into 8 pools of 4. Each of these will be in a thread with a multiple-choice poll, and the top two from the poll in each pool will go through to the round of 16. From there on it's 1v1 knockout polls all the way to the final!

Of course well be keeping you up-to-date in this thread when all the polls go live! If you'd like a tag when a new poll goes up, please tell us you're in by posting below!

Here's the schedule for the whole tournament:

Pool stage
Sun 7th Aug: Pool A Go for a bike ride, Learn a new language, Visit a new town or city, Build something from scrap
Sun 7th Aug: Pool B Curate a summer playlist, Visit a zoo or safari park, Have a barbecue, Go walking
Mon 8th Aug: Pool C Have a picnic, Go to a theme park, Go camping, Catch up on sleep
Mon 8th Aug: Pool D Go to a festival, Go swimming, Have a water fight, Have a film night
Tue 9th Aug: Pool E Do some DIY, Go jogging, Create a scrapbook, Visit a museum
Tue 9th Aug: Pool F Read a book, Do some gardening, Go to the cinema, Go geocaching
Wed 10th Aug: Pool G Go shopping, Go to the theatre, Go to the beach, Learn an instrument
Wed 10th Aug: Pool H Visit an art gallery, Try a new sport, Go stargazing, Have a sleepover

Round of 16
Sun 14th Aug: R16.1 Visit a new town or city v Curate a summer playlist
Sun 14th Aug: R16.2 Have a barbecue v Learn a new language
Mon 15th Aug: R16.3 Catch up on sleep v Go to a festival
Mon 15th Aug: R16.4 Have a film night v Have a picnic
Tue 16th Aug: R16.5 Visit a museum v Read a book
Tue 16th Aug: R16.6 Go to the cinema v Go jogging
Wed 17th Aug: R16.7 Go to the beach v Have a sleepover
Wed 17th Aug: R16.8 Try a new sport v Learn an instrument

Sun 21st Aug: QF1 Visit a new town or city v Go to a festival
Sun 21st Aug: QF2 Visit a museum v Go the the beach
Mon 22nd Aug: QF3 Have a barbecue v Have a picnic
Mon 22nd Aug: QF4 Go to the cinema v Try a new sport

Fri 26th Aug: SF1 Visit a new town or city v Go the the beach
Sat 27th Aug: SF2 Have a barbecue v Go to the cinema

Third-place playoff
Wed 31st Aug: Go the the beach v Go to the cinema

Grand final
Thu 1st Sep: Visit a new town or city v Have a barbecue

All polls will last 3 days. Any ties will be broken by random draw.
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Time to share this little project with the wider community! :woo:
i'm in and i would like to get tagged when a poll goes up. :smile:
Oooh yay!! :woo:
We're now live with both Pool A and Pool B!

Get voting folks!
Nice graphics!
Today we have Pool C and Pool D going live!
Tonight Pool E and Pool F go live!
Final pools are up! Here are Pool G and Pool H!
The round of 16 is now underway, so it's straight knockouts all the way to the final!

Cities v Playlists
Barbecues v Languages
Two more round of 16 fixtures today:

Sleep v Festivals
Film nights v Picnics
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Another two round of 16 fixtures going live:

Museums v Books
Cinema v Jogging
Final round of 16 fixtures are a go-go!

Beach v Sleepovers
Sport v Instrument
Please add me to the tag list. :rolleyes:
Quarter-final time in the top half of the draw:

We have Cities v Festivals and Museums v Beaches fighting it out for a place in the first semi-final!
Today we have the quarter-finals from the bottom half of the draw, fighting out for a place in the second semi-final:

Barbecues v Picnics
Cinema v Sport
The first semi-final is now live!

Go cast your vote on New city v Beach!
The second semi-final has just gone live!

Today's choice is Barbecue v Cinema!
The third-place playoff starts today!

Battling out for the bronze medal will be Go to the beach v Go to the cinema!
The grand final of the TSR World Cup of Summer Holiday activities is now live!

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