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Greenhead college ?

I've been looking at greenhead college. Year 10 going into year 11. I want to study English lit ,biology and btec music performance
My mock results are
English lit-7
English language-6
My predicted grades are all 7's besides biology, chemistry and geography which are 8's and a distinction in music btec
Do you think I stand a chance of getting in? I know i meet the entry requirements but I've heard its quite competitive and I don't know whether they go of your mocks or your predicted grades.
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Hi from someone going into Year 13 at Greenhead!

I definitely think you have a shot of getting in! I've got loads of friends that got similar grades at GCSE to you, and they really like it! It is quite an academic environment (but bear in mind I do chem, bio, maths and further maths, so my opinion may not reflect that of arts students!), but there's way way more positives than negatives!!!!!! DEFINITELY APPLY!

ps: if you're really nervous about not getting in, have a back-up option that you'd be happy about going to, just in case! I think you'll be absolutely fine though love! <3

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