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Anyone have any experience with epilation?


I am a dude and hate shaving. It roughens my skin even with shaving creams, it feels like a chore and it lasts like 2 days until small growth starts again. I also have slight acne, so it’s hard shaving over those areas.

I have researched hair removal techniques, and epilation looks like the best on paper for both removal, time removed, and minimal skin damage (waxing I have heard can irritate skin).

I only have 1 concern. Currently, I do not want any facial hair, mainly because I can’t grow a nice beard with my current levels of hair growth. This may change when I’m older, so I don’t want to risk causing any hair loss. Can epilation negatively affect future hair growth?

Additionally, is it safe to use (or even usable) on the microhairs on cheeks etc? If not, how can I go about removing these?

Thanks :smile:
Epilating does reduce and can even stop hair growth, although there are epilators that are safe to use on facial hair. Have you tried facial hair removal cream e.g Veet or Nair? Or electrical shavers that are designed for facial hair? Neither of these options affect hair regrowth and they are both designed specifically for facial hair
epilating the face may be very painful although this reduces over time, it does reduce hair growth quite significantly!

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