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laptop vs desktop? same price. which better? watch


    (Original post by Mad Vlad)
    Yes there are.
    Cost - The only relevant factor you mention here, for your standard computer user, and I wouldn't say the difference was worth it.
    Durability - I've dropped my laptop many times and it's never broken.
    Upgradablility - Most people won't need the specs they can get on an average priced laptop, never mind need to upgrade it.
    Hard Disk Capacity - I don't know many normal computer users who could fill a standard laptop hard drive.
    Speed - My desktop isn't any faster than my laptop.
    Functionality - I don't know what this means, so it clearly hasn't caused me any problems.
    Size of monitor - My laptop has the same size screen as my desktop.
    Not ideal for people who use Photoshop etc. without spending a fortune. - Unless you're doing a LOT of photoshopping, then that's not an issue either. Photoshop works fine for me.

    Want me to continue?
    - Nope, none of your points are relevant for the average computer user. Aside from cost, and I don't think it's enough to make up for being chained to your desk everytime you want to use it.
    [EDIT] And... how are you going to get all your wardrobe, books, laptop, DVD's, *list of worldy belongings* all in 1 bag and stick it on a train every semester. It just doesn't happen. You'll need the services of someone with a car, almost certainly - and anyone that doesn't is really just living in poverty.
    ********. I can easily fit enough stuff for university in two average size suitcases, and get them home again. Living in poverty? Nope, just not one of these ridiculous people who decides that OMG they must take every single useless item they own to university,regardless of its necessity.

    Basically, the price is the only possible reason for your average computer user to have a desktop, and I wouldn't say the difference is significant to be worth it. Hardly anyone needs the super specs that the people on this forum constantly recommend, so I think it's pointless telling someone to invest X amount of pounds on a desktop just because they'll get more for their money, since they most likely won't need it.
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