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Hi guys, i'm going on an NCS trip tomorrow for 4 nights and 5 days.
Im quite a shy person when it comes to socialising, but ive read a few complaints on here about there being no wifi (which i really would need to call my parents in the evening) and saying the food isnt good, the leaders are immature... and that the kids make "clicks" and just gossip about others.. i really dont know how to feel about going, im very nervous as i dont have any friends to go with, im doing it because i would like to make new friends... can only tell me their experiences please?
Ah I'm going on the one between the 15th and the 20th and I will also be completely alone. My best piece of advice is to be kind and polite. Don't start arguments and others will not gossip about you (even if it means putting up with a bit of nonsense). Oh and headphones if you have them (preferably noise cancelling - dw there will be MANY opportunities to meet others) xx

You got this!! And trust the process, you will make friends!!!

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