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Birmingham vs King’s College London

Hi anyone got any advice or can give their experience on either uni of Birmingham or Kings. I’ve got offers for BA Modern languages with business management but not sure which one to go for. Birmingham pros include the fact I can do two languages however the business management modules are less in depth obviously. Overall Birmingham looks nicer than KCL but I’ve heard that career wise KCL is better, especially globally. The course also goes way more into depth with finance/ economics but not sure what will be more valuable for a future career, the maths/business side or having another language?(I’m looking to go either into government or a career in finance/business across other countries in Europe)Thanks 🙏🏻
As someone going to KCL in September I will be biased but KCL has a much higher world ranking than Birmingham for various reasons (research) with KCL being higher on the world rankings than Durham and St Andrews despite having less student satisfaction+being a less prestigious uni in the UK. If you are thinking of working abroad then KCL is the better choice concerning future career prospects. I'm doing IPE as KCL has a really good IR department (which might help you out if you are thinking of getting into govt) and a good finance/economics department. I would say there is MUCH more to do in London (you could also take a few language courses) in addition to more chances of networking and meeting people, but if you really like Birmingham uni (which I admit Birmingham uni is stunning, having a much better campus than the rubbish you get in London apart from maybe UCL) then it might be better to go to Birmingham if you are set on it. It is probably best for you to take more time to decide for yourself. Hope this helps.

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