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Admin L aw and Human Rights Question

hi , please could someone shed light on this question?
how would you structure the essay for an exam.

Moore is a very successful blogger promoting healthy eating on her Moore Healthy' channel.
The Daily Gossip has been approached by Ralph with some gossip about Donna. Ralph was the partner of Donna's best friend Tyler, although they have recently split up, leaving Ralph very short of money. Ralph tells the Daily Gossip that Donna regularly visited Tyler's flat at weekends and the three of them would all enjoy a large fried breakfast together. Donna would laugh and call it her 'guilty pleasure', making Ralph and Tyler promise not to tell anyone.
The Daily Gossip plans to publish details of Donna's visits to Tyler's flat under the headline 'It's definitely Moore when it comes to fry-ups for Donna!' In advance of publication, the Daily Gossip approaches Donna for comment. Donna immediately informs the Daily Gossip that she will be seeking an injunction to prevent publication on the basis that the Daily Gossip's planned article would breach her right to privacy.
Donna accepts that the information in the planned article is true.

Explain, with reference to relevant case-law, the basis upon which Donna Moore could bring her claim and the basis on which the Daily Gossip could seek to defend it. Outline the approach that the High Court will take when considering her claim.

Evaluate whether the approach outlined in part A has led to the courts achieving a fair balance when an individuals rights to privacy conflicts with the medias right to freedom of expression (use case law to back up your argument)
IRAC, man, IRAC. Issue, ruling, analysis, conclusion.

Do that for each legal issue.
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IRAC, man, IRAC. Issue, ruling, analysis, conclusion.

Do that for each legal issue.

Thank you! will do that.

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