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Combined science trilogy aqa foundation past papers

I have the subject content for my exam and it matches exactly the specification glance subject content on the aqa website but does this mean all past papers will have this content or does it change and will the past paper have different topics then? I'm taking a entry exam and also wanted to know is the advanced information correct for the science trilogy as I checked it and topics that are not in my subject content are there. My exam is on 22 august
Hi Byegz,

All past papers from the current Specification (examined from 2018 onwards if I'm not mistaken) will be testing the same information. You may not get the same specific topics tested in the same way on each paper, but the general content will be the same. For example, you may get a 2 mark question on cells one year, and a 6 mark question on cells the next year asking for slightly different information. Each year's worth of papers cannot test every single thing outlined in the specification, so some things won't always be tested, but the general content from which the questions are taken will be the same.

If you plan on using older past papers from previous specifications (e.g. 2012 or earlier) there will be differences in content.

The only advanced information I can see is for June 2022 (, and having glanced at it, it matches perfectly with the specification for AQA Combined Science Trilogy ( I'm not sure of the sources of your Advanced Information and Subject Content, so I can't comment.

What in particular isn't matching?


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