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How much anatomy depth??

hi all. I've purchased the 3D anatomy app with an aim to getting g a head start ahead of medical school. Just wondering what level of depth students are required to go into? For example, bones: just the names and locations, or, as when I click on the bones, the (quite considerable number of) specific regions within the bone.?

Do we learn every blood, lymph vessel, every nerve, every muscle, every plane of each organ etc. ?
Please don't do anatomy now :cry:Even if it was a good use of your time (it isn't, for all the reasons ecolier mentioned), anatomy is really hard to make sense of without the initial teaching on anatomical planes and orientation, as well as time spent in the dissecting room with cadavers. Apps like 3D anatomy are designed to help you study alongside dissection/prosection and medical school teaching, not to replace that.

I also might be biased but I honestly hated 3D anatomy with a passion, to the point of skipping all our tutorials on it :lol:

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