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    (Original post by L i b)
    Nope, sorry. Whilst the likes of the Millennium Bridge are perfectly functional and, to some level, aesthetic and at least relatively inoffensive, I doubt anyone would gaze on them with the same sense of beauty as they may feel in the structure of the Palace of Westminster, a mediaeval cathedral, some Baroque masterpiece or even a refined Georgian street.

    Would you choose the modern London City Hall over the old County Hall, for example? Or even the Middlesex County Guildhall? As local government buildings in London go, it's a bit on the pish side. How about Millennium Bridge v. Tower Bridge?
    Depends. I like variation and signs of progress. But perhaps thats just me that are too used to see old village buildings. Let me guess, you live in London and is a experienced urban dweller?

    (Original post by roman cavalry)
    you have bias on china. then, do u have evidences to claim china cheated in the Olympics?
    Common sense, perhaps?

    Probably the only country that doesn't cheat at weightlifting is the USA since I believe USAWL tests their athletes almost monthly (evidence - http://www.board.crossfit.com/showpo...&postcount=59). It's common fact that most other athletes are on drugs because without this kind of rigourous testing, why wouldn't they be? Then of course there's the girl who may or may not have been 14 when she won some gymnastics competition, but since the only verification of her age is some documents that the Chinese gov't probably falsified, we don't know.

    Let's be honest. The Olympics will probably be a failure, as usual, because it endorses the farce that is drug testing. If that stops, and everyone is competing on a level playing field, I'd just about bet my house that China and its state endorsed steroid programme wouldn't be nearly as dominant at ANYTHING (except table tennis).

    WRT the OP's stupid posts, to be fair his government is probably watching what he types. I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big HERRO to the various Chinese gov't folk reading this.

    (Original post by s.e.r.e.n.e)
    Right on spot. Besides substainabilty, it also show case Britain's diversity - a trait of free western societies.

    I like that part when the children of Britain was being represented by a young girl of Asian descent in Beijing. The ability of Britain to understand British of all races and background for Britain is a lot more meaningful than China's "China for Chinese people, culture". In fact, even in advanced East asian countries like Japan, they still very much have the mentality of Japanese for Japan and don't readily accept people different from them. I think inclusiveness and tolerance is a very strong trait of the western civilisation, especially the United States.
    And who's to say that's a good thing. Japan have their reasons for being insular and it benefits them.

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