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Can I do Latin post A level with Spanish ab initio and study abroad at Cambridge as only one language is required to be post a level?
Or if someone is currently doing something like this at Cambridge please reach out, I really need your help!

information from these websites that seem to suggest I can:

The usual rules apply that students must offer one language at the post A Level option (Option B) and may offer one language as an ab initio language (Option A).

Part IA

Option A Spanish Papers (ab initio)
SP A1: Use of Spanish
SP A2: Translation from Spanish and Oral A
SP A3: Introduction to Hispanic literature
Part IB

Option A modern language with Option B Classical Latin

Candidates who in Part IA offered Option A in a modern language and Option B in Classical Latin shall offer the following in Part IB:

B1 and B2 in the modern language
One paper from Schedule IB relating to that modern language
GL16 Latin literature
One further paper chosen from:
Any scheduled paper appearing in Schedule IB of the MML Tripos
GL13 Passages for translation from Latin authors
GL17 Greek and Roman history
GL18 Greek and Roman philosophy
GL19 Green and Roman art and archaeology
GL20 Greek and Roman philology and linguistics
Candidates may optionally offer, in addition to the above, GL22 Latin prose and/or verse.

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