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World Cup of Holiday Activities: Pool H!

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Which activities should progress to the next stage?

Visit an art gallery13%
Try a new sport38%
Go stargazing25%
Have a sleepover25%
Total votes: 8

Welcome to the TSR World Cup of Summer Holiday Activities!
This is Pool H

We're currently in the pool stages of the competition, which means we're giving you four new activities to choose your favourites from!

The poll is multiple choice, so you can vote for as many or as few activities as you like. After three days of voting, the two most popular activities will go through to the knockout phase of the competition.

You can also keep track of all the other threads in this competition by visiting the hub thread, where you can watch the thread to see all updates, or sign up to be tagged when new votes go live!

Here are your four summer holiday activities in this pool:

Visit an art gallery
Wouldn't say I'm a big art buff but I really enoyed my trip to the Tate Britain at the weekend!

Try a new sport
Have the Euros or the Commonwealth Games given you the bug to try something new?

Go stargazing
Spend a night quite literally under the stars!

Have a sleepover
It's also a film, apparently though how much sleep does one ever involve?
(edited 1 year ago)
Feels like not the strongest pool imo but I'll go with the art gallery.

(For the record I realise the photo is of the National Gallery not the Tate Britain and I promise I didn't get lost on Saturday! :tongue:)
(edited 1 year ago)
Now I'm getting nostalgic for summer sleepovers with my best friend, which is what we used to do when we were at school together and didn't live so far apart!
you rarely get to see stars in London so it's a special treat when I get to go somewhere else to see them :smile:
Well we have a winner, and we just need a runner-up!

:king1: Try a new sport
:king2: Have a sleepover

Poor art galleries :redface:

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