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Engineers in OEMs

Hi are any members here Mechanical Engineers or Automotive Engineers who work for OEMs ? Can they share their tips and career path (if possible) how to get into an OEM for industrial placements or graduate positions ?

Also their experience positive and negative of working for OEMs and the automotive industry ?

Thank you.
Hi @161BMW
I am Saikat, a Student Ambassador at Coventry University.
I have worked in manufacturing industry and partly had internship in automotive industry as well.
So listing below the Pros and Cons -
Pros -
1. Skills enrichment in core engineering
2. High Salary
3. Global skill validation
4. Recognition of experience
Cons -
1. Health hazards
2. Commuting out of the city as most of the industry based in outside towns
3. Safety compliance
Less chance of switching career path

Hope this helps you.

Wishing you Best
Saikat Dey
Student Ambassador & MBA student
Coventry University

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