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Which School/Exam Board to Choose?

I'm having a hard time choosing between 2 schools to attend for sixth form. Given that GCSE results day is very soon, I really need to make a choice quickly.

I've been accepted into 2 different schools, both of which are about the same in terms of attainment and rating, which makes choosing between the 2 very hard.

For context, I want to study medicine at uni, so I've chosen biology, chemistry and maths for A-levels. I'm not too worried about maths and both of them use Edexcel anyways so that's not going to affect my choice.

One school (let's call it school A) uses OCR for biology and chemistry as exam boards, but they use OCR B Salters for chemistry, which has a reputation for being very difficult from what I've read. This puts me off choosing this school.

The other school (school B) uses AQA for both sciences, but that's not great because I don't want to have to do wider reading and the essay question for biology. I didn't choose English for a reason, so I'd rather not.

It's so difficult to choose between them. For school A, biology seems to be fine, but chemistry just looks horrible.
For school B, well, I really don't want to write an essay for biology. I assume that AQA chemistry is pretty standard.

Is there anyone who has done either OCR B Salters Chemistry or AQA Biology who can give their thoughts on which school (and therefore exam board) is better to pick?
AQA!!! :smile:

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