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what happends if u have a meantal breakdown in the middle of ur gcse or mocks

before school holiday break i had a practice mocks , however during my first English literature exam i started panicking leading me to forget what i had learned. As i result of this i begun to feel overwhelmed and had started crying ,leading to one of the "examines" taking me out of the exam hall. I was able to do the exam the next day however I'm wondering will i fail the exam if it was the real mocks or gcse
If you don’t get the required marks in the paper, then yes you’d fail the exam.

As it’s just a mock, I wouldn’t worry.
You can't take a real GCSE exam later, not even that afternoon, so I suggest you talk to someone about your problems and see if you can work out what makes it happen and what you might be able to do to stop it. You might feel better if you can see the door (so you know you can run away), or you sit at the front so you don't see other people or if you just calm yourself down by talking to a smiley face drawn on your rubber - some quite simple strategies work for a lot of people.. Most people get used to exams and get better at coping. You'll be able to practise your plan during your mocks (that's one of the main reasons for them existing) and fine tune how to cope.

Edit: Lots of people on TSR suggest asking for a separate room. I'd only try this as a last resort -schools don't have the rooms and resources to do this for many people and every extra one increases the chances of stuff going wrong, particularly in the single rooms
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If it’s not too late you could always ask for exam arrangements if you think being in a separate room could help your nerves (I found it really helped as you wasn’t constantly watching how far other people had got compared to you which took a lot of pressure off). Unfortunately you would fail the exam in the real thing though.
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It’s best to work this through in advance, speak to a teacher about what happened in the mocks and have in place some strategies for the real exams

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