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What do you think of these subject choices? (Nat5)

Hi I’ve recently started S3 and was wondering what do you think of these subject choices and the plans that I have.

Maths (Mandatory)
English (Mandatory)
French (Mandatory)
Modern Studies

After my Nat5’s I’m hoping to crash higher biology and take chemistry and maths and physics and English. Get 5 A’s and apply for medical school. All going as planned I would do very well on the UCAT and pass the interview and reach the necessary advanced higher grades.
What do you think?

Sorry forgot to add that I could not take higher maths and do physics instead.
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solid choices, you would need nat5 at physics and chem if you want a good understanding of the subject (sauce: me moving to UK in s5 basically crashing all science subjects at higher) while higher bio is much more doable even if without a nat5. For your higher (and can be applied to nat5) stem subjects do past papers frequently and check either the mark scheme or with your friends. Make use of study sessions both in your timetable and the ones after school or at lunch. For English you would need to focus on the questions and not ramble on about something else, while making sure you apply all the techniques. Since unis dont look at banding, what matters is that u get all As so unless there is one subject you're extremely good at don't force yourself too much on getting A1. Oh and don't worry about not being able to do maths, it's mostly English (and top 10) unis that prefer a Maths as your third science

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