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GCSE psychology

Just asking if anyone has done GCSE psychology. It would really help if u could share some content and an overview of the subject.
Thx a lot
hi!! i did aqa gcse psychology which consists of memory, perception, development, research methods, social influence, language, thought and communication, brain neuropsychology and psychological problems
in each topic you have a couple of named studies/theories which you have to know the aim, method, results, conclusion and evaluation points for (sounds alot but once you get your head around it its not too bad) and then you have unnamed studies/theories that you just need to get the gist off! for each topic you also have to learn things that arent studies/theories so for example you have to know about the factors that effect perception
each paper is made up of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions :smile: the ones that i found easiest to get the marks for where the multiple choice and the ones that ask you for definitions because you can recall the textbook definition :smile:
i really enjoyed psychology however it is quite content heavy but if you stay on top of your workload its very manageable and since i personally found the content rlly interesting it was one of my favourite subjects
if you do decide to do it here are some tips since theres not much about it online!!
- i would definitely recommend using learn dojo - for there booklets and notes
- get the illuminate textbook for helping with content (978-1-911208-04-4)
- i used the collins complete revision and practice workbook which was so helpful it had past paper questions, topic overviews, and then paper one and paper two at the back as revision
- past papers are your best friend but use them sparingly since there are not many avaliable but you can easily change the questions e.g if it was describe and evaluate milgrams study you could change it to describe and evaluate baddleys study
- this is not helpful for everyone but i made essay plans for the 9 marked questions for each study since i find those really helpful
- for learning the content i found flashcards most helpful -
hope this was helpful!!
Thx a lot

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