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oxford colleges help!!

i'm in y12, applying for physics at oxford soon and i'm stuck on choosing a college to apply to. my current faves are new, worcester, univ, st. john's, exeter, brasenose and hertford so if anyone can give any opinions about the vibe/people/physics here or anywhere else that would be so helpful!! i'm looking for a nice, fun, easy going college that isn't too far away from the centre and has a good physics staff (and not right wing/snooty). thank you so much!
Worcester is a nice college ... it is quite big. They do things like vegan Mondays or something like that. I also remember going to a talk there. It is quite central which is cool. I liked the look of the college.

St John's is a big college, with a big endowment so think money wise they sometimes give more support and heard something once about them giving lots of iPads for free to some students.

Hertford is very small. I never liked it when I visited.

I picked LMH at random. Honestly totally at random, because I had no idea where to choose. I liked LMH when I visited (which was when I had my interviews lol). The gardens were massive, which I really liked. I liked the library there as well. Very comfortable (and I used it a lot haha). Lots of diversity too from PhD students to humanities which I liked. Also a very short and pleasant walk through the university parks to get to the science parks where I had all my lectures and labs etc...

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