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    This is a lot of little (ish) things so the chances are yes it is but i thought i'd run it pass you all as well to see what you think.

    I live in brand new accomodation on campus. It was completed 6hours before we all moved in in September. However in the rush to get it completed obviously some bits wern't finished. No problem. BUT the builders start work at 7.30 each morning and dear god is it loud. It was ok (just) when they were outside but now they are working inside for the last 2 weeks we have had what seems like a eumatic (sp) drill going off from 7.30 onwards. It seriously makes the floor vibrate (i'm on 3rd!) and on 1st floor the bed vibrates!!! They drill constantly till about 10.30am and then thats normally it!! We have asked accomodation if they could start when they have been finishing but supposidly they can't do anything?! Also isn't starting that early illegal? I swear when my family were having an extension built they had to start after 8?

    Obviously in a new building there are going to be some teething problems which we all accept but now after being here for 8 weeks i'm thinking 4-5 times we have had no hot water for over 24hours!! This last weekend we had none at all from Friday till Monday!! It is starting to grate when you can't have a shower that many times in that short period of time.

    Fire alarms have gone off probably 20-30 times since we have been here!!! I know this one is more then likely the fault of the students but they seriously seem to be going off for such stupid reasons like using a hair dryer and your straightners at the same time!!

    Our front (and only) door to the building is constantly broken. It is automatic but doesn't have a manual over-ride so when it gets stuck shut (daily!) people are stuck in the building. If there is a fire surely this is a fire risk? There is no other way out of the building. The groundfloor is going to be the doctors so it has its own external access and our windows are so stupid that they only open a bit at the top! Safety first i completly understand but it means that even if you managed to get to the 1st floor there is no way out in the case of a fire!!

    Aaand i think we are to close to the union but i guess we can't be!!! I can lie in bed and sing along!! But that to be honest is the least of my complaints!!

    Am i being too harsh? We have all complained to accomdation on regular occasions but have got no-where so maybe we are being to harsh?! Just wanted other peoples oppinions :o:

    Thank you for reading my essay(!)

    I had exactly the same problem when I went to uni - in fact we ended up in temporary accommodation for a week because they hadn't finished. For some reason, they'd forgotten to put holes for the plumbing in the basment, and so they were drilling for weeks. It drove us all mad as the building would literally rattle, and eventually everyone in the affected flats had a meeting with the college manager and we all got some money back. It wasn't very much and it grew less the further away from the problems you were, but I think it amounted to just over a week's rent each. It's worth sticking to your guns, you hire the rooms to study and sleep and if you can't do that then it's not fair at all.

    Regarding the other stuff, we had the same kind of problems too (you aren't at my old uni are you lol?), even down to getting stuck in the building on occasions as the magnetic locks would go weird every time there was a power surge. All you can do really is keep complaining to the accommodation manager. Keep mentioning about fire risks etc. They also agreed to change the sensitivity levels on the fire/smoke alarms, as at one point even spraying a deodorant in your room was enough to set them off. It's just the problems you get with any new building, but it's worth keeping on at them to get them sorted.
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